Our Mission

  • Effective implementation of continuous comprehensive evaluation to achieve academic excellence.
  • To provide quality modern education by maximizing the use of ICT tools and innovative practices.
  • To ensure that students become reasonably competent in three languages viz. Hindi, English & Malayalam.
  • To inculcate a strong component of culture & values, awareness of the environment and the spirit of National Integration.
  • To involve the staff and the students in pace setting activities to foster the relationship with the society and to enhance the awareness level of students on contemporary global issues.
  • To maintain a congenial atmosphere where all can work together to their fullest potential with a positive attitude.
  • To organize co-curricular activities & sports activities that would lead to over all personality development of the child.
  • To promote national integration through migration of students from Hindi to non-Hindi speaking State and vice-versa.
  • To serve in Ernakulam District as focal point for improvement of quality of school education through sharing of experiences and facilities.

Our Vision

    Our vision is to mould the personality of the children, primarily from rural background by imparting value-based education, consistent with India‚Äôs democratic and secular culture and equipping them with Academic and Life skills to meet the challenges of the ever-changing, sophisticated, competitive and technology-driven world of today so that they can lead the nation from the front.