Sobhana public school started functioning in June 2002. It follows CBSE Syllabus. It is established and run by the Sobhana Educational Charitable Trust, Kothamangalam, under the auspices of St.Mary’s Province of the Congregation of Sisters of Nazareth.

The institution is entitled to enjoy the benefits of articles 30(1) of the constitution of India as it is established and administered by a Christian minority community.

The motto of the school is Lead Kindly Light.

The term sobhana means one who is enlightened. Blessed Virgin Mary is the heavenly force who is fully enlightened by Jesus Christ, who is the real light of the world. Every child who passes through the portals of this temple of learning is expected to be inflamed by the fire extracting from the source of all light and serve as a torch-bearer enlightening the path of those still groping in the darkness of ignorance.

To this end , a number of innovative features aimed at keeping the child updated with the advance in learning are being incorporated into the formal framework of the curriculum of the school.